Coming Soon!

Well, I’m caving in…  I’ve been told by many that I should have a blog to discuss my past experiences as a young entrepreneur and current happenings in the industries in which I do business.  Hopefully I can help someone out there who’s starting a company or looking for new perspectives on more traditional thought in interactive media and grassroots marketing, specifically in the areas of finance and sports (where my experience lies).

I’m hoping to post here fairly regularly and will try to carve out the time to actually make my musings entertaining and informative.  If you’re looking to convince yourself of why you should (or shouldn’t) listen to me, check out the “More About Brett” tab above.

I’m heading to Cancun for the next week which should clear my mind and allow me to come up with some nifty ideas for what to do with this blog.  In the meantime, if you have any suggestions, you can hit me up at brett (at) phinaz dot com (hopefully you can figure out what that translates into without all the spammers also finding out).

Enjoy the weekend!



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