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It’s been a while…

I haven’t been so good with keeping this blog updated, mostly because I’d rather relax or be outside (without an internet connection) when I actually have free time.

Such a great summer with lots of baseball/softball (playing and watching), a 2 week excursion in Europe (8 cities in 14 days), and an (unforgettable) trip to San Diego for Labor Day. Not to mention record growth for the company in one of the toughest times I’ve experienced in my 13+ years running the business.

I have lots of ideas on how to move out of the recession that I’ll save for another post, but my number 1 would have to be to stop punishing (read: taxing) small businesses! We’re collectively generating more jobs than the large companies with the $$$ to lobby Congress. Specifically to New York State and Gov. Patterson: taxing small businesses to fund mass transit, which can’t balance a budget after a fare increase, surcharge on all NYC taxes, and other taxes, isn’t the way to stimulate a sagging economy.

Personally, I’ve had an interesting summer in my amateur baseball “career”. 6 months of therapy hasn’t healed a nagging elbow injury, and I’m sure continuing to pitch hasn’t helped either. Pitched 6 innings of one-hit ball yesterday which definitely isn’t helping me convince myself I shouldn’t be pitching. I see another MRI in my future. Fingers crossed I don’t have a torn ligament as one doctor suspected earlier in the year. I don’t know if I could survive without full use of my right arm for over a month.

Ii found this interesting: Stephen Strausburg was initially diagnosed with a strained flexor tendon, which is what my therapist thinks I have. That became a torn UCL in his elbow, which I’m hoping mine does not. Will know more October 5.

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Slow days

Returning from a vacation is always tricky…  A good vacation refreshes my mind, but I usually face one of two scenarios when I get back:

1) I’m itching to get back to work now that my mind is clear.

2) I really have to push myself to get anything done.

I usually come back with a mindset closer to #1 as I sometimes come up with my best ideas for the company when away from the office (I guess I think more clearly when I get away from everything).

I returned from Cancun earlier this week and had very productive days Monday and Tuesday, but yesterday and today I’ve been struggling — almost like a delayed vacation hangover.  Maybe it’s the long holiday weekend ahead, but I don’t have any real plans, so there isn’t much for me to get excited about (at least to the point that it would be difficult to do work).

I even tried a Starbucks double shot drink yesterday to no avail, which is rare.  Usually a couple shots of espresso and I’m very attentive for hours.

I’m sure I’m hardly alone with my sluggishness ahead of the weekend, but it’s frustrating when I’m trying to brainstorm for a new business venture and my “creative juices” aren’t cooperating.

Back from Cancun

Back from a great vacation in Cancun.  Amazing resort right on the beach – check out some of the pictures below.  It’s called the Iberostar Grand Playa Paraiso.  Very highly recommended.

Didn’t do much business at all on the trip (with the exception of one morning), which was surprising even to me.  Usually I can’t go away without at least checking email consistently, but I didn’t power up my laptop until the 4th day.  I did frustrate one client with my slow responses, but all was resolved quickly.

In the process of clearing my mind on vacation, I did have one idle thought that I still can’t understand.  Why does a Sony PlayStation 3 (which includes a full blu-ray DVD player) cost $400 while blu-ray DVD players by themselves cost upwards of $500 (and higher before a recent price drop)?  Is it all about having that sleek, thin DVD player to display in your entertainment stand?  To my knowledge, there’s nothing magical a blu-ray DVD player by itself does that a PlayStation 3 can’t do.

In any case, here are some pictures of the resort in Cancun, but these don’t nearly show how beautiful it is in person (click on any picture to see a bigger version).